Servant or Master?

A government is the servant, not the master of its people, so the saying goes. We all know our current Conservative government don’t adhere to this notion. Tories have been flying in the face of the people’s wants and needs since the 2010 coalition. From anti-austerity outrage to deaths through benefit deprivation, the country is not happy with its current ‘servants’. Perhaps it’s because they are not serving us, they are subordinating us whilst still refusing to comply with FOI law to release details of the benefit related deaths. Maybe we should just

keep calm and obey your new overlords

and accept that we are the slaves,  and our masters have us caged in the prison of capitalism. But wait! Even Thatcher herself said we are not the servants in her 1975 speech to the Conservative Party Conference:

“A man’s right to work as he will, to spend what he earns, to own property, to have the State as servant and not as master, these are the British inheritance. They are the essence of a free economy. And on that freedom all our other freedoms depend.”

~ Margaret Thatcher: 10th October, 1975.

This clearly confirms that politicians lie and on that premise we must proceed with this as default. Our servants lie to us! If this were Victorian times, we would be publicly executing them. Instead we kindly give them our money to pay for second homes, and essentials like grand-piano tuning and beeswax candles. Because everyone knows you can’t run a parliament without £2,000 worth of beeswax candles. We are a kind and generous bunch of masters, the Victorians would be proud.

Are lefty Labour any better? Between coups, purges and media maulings of Corbyn, it seems we cannot turn anywhere without encountering the poison of our servants.

When a government is scared, they get desperate, reckless. They hope that we forget they are simple ‘public servants’ and are keen to change their job titles to supreme ‘public masters’.

Some, I believe, are even looking for that ultimate promotion: