We need a ‘radical’ Purge of Political Repression

In case you hadn’t noticed, politics has been polarizing.

This leads to conflict, which leads to repression, which leads to plotted coups and member purges, all of which should lead to the eradication of Corbyn.

Because clearly his dangerous agenda to stop wars, promote peace, build on democracy, destroy elitism, challenge capitalism, create a fairer society and fight for human rights are simply appalling ideologies of a politician and must be stopped. Now.

Media smearing of Corbyn has not succeeded despite even the usually unbiased Guardian getting on board and all biased, the chicken coup also frustratingly failed, so the only viable option remaining is to carry out a Purge on those thick-as-pig-shit Corbynistas who are clearly in a temporal state of dumb fan frenzy, overcome by the flashy phenomenon of Corbyn-mania and have no clout or clue about actual politics or unfairness in society or misrepresentation in democracy. None whatsoever.

We are the Torylites and We are coming to get you

People, this Purge may be painful but it is necessary. After Corbyn admitting he would like to see the abolishment of the House of Lords, our very way of life is now threatened; elitist, un-elected, out of touch, millionaire Lords will no longer be able to control our laws or provide shady donations and cover up corruptions if Corbyn gets his dangerous way. The law of the land will be decided by the actual public, and we all know those thick-as-pig-shit frenzied, foo-fighting barbarians have no place in this country when it comes to deciding how it is run. Even if it is in the name of this ‘democracy‘ fad Corbyn and his fanbase keep harping on about.

We simply cannot allow the people to be empowered.

Corbyn declares a ‘radical’ change of the British constitution is needed and his followers nod their heads in dumb agreement, despite Owen Smith then claiming the word ‘radical‘ as his own and using it in every speech or tweet possible. The mainstream media picked up on the word and dropped it into every pro-Owen-article too, which was pretty much every article on the Leadership. We hoped that the Corbynistas would be led blindly to Smith by the luring of this word, after all they are dumb, empty minded, Facebook-warriors who will never vote and are only following a wave of hysteria while chasing the word ‘radical’ like rainbow hunters after that elusive pot of democratic gold. Corbyn’s gold pot does not exist, cannot exist and will not exist, as long as we keep getting Owen to say ‘radical’, we will maintain the power of the pot, and will not let it shift to the ‘ruling mob’.

 What politics should be about

Not what politics should be about



  1. Have no fear, the Hitlerites of the cabinet do not intend to allow Corbyn, or the loony public to have any say in this country. Salvation is coming, from that last of the one-worders Tupperware May, gibbering Boris and super-toff Moggsie. Brexit and withdrawal from the European Court will silence the opposition, and give the Downing Street Mafia their chance to grab complete unopposed control. Oh, and by the way, don’t try to hold up Brexit – they’ll legislate you out of existence. The pasty tax will seem like a distant and pleasant dream, in a country where Moggsie and his ilk will be able to maintain their duck-houses at the public expense. You won’t even feel them taking the cash from your wallet. What will their witless supporters say? – “I didn’t think they would ever come after me!”

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