Guess the Guilty Government 

There is a Government in the Western world currently guilty of the most abhorrent breaches in human rights. Many thousands are being denied basic essentials like food, shelter and money to survive. Men, women, children, people who are seriously ill, people who are disabled. The Government in question is targeting them all. The UN has declared this Government’s policies a direct breach of Human Rights and recognised the suffering and deaths they have caused

It’s not Syria, where war crimes are being committed. However the Government in question has also been accused of committing war crimes.

It’s not the Russian Government, who limit freedom of expression via a controlled media and a regulated Internet. However the Government in question is also guilty of this and plans to regulate their Internet even more.

Who owns the UK media? – Media Reform Coalition › 2015/10 

It’s not the Chinese Government who have new laws that present grave dangers to human rights. 

Although the Government in question is also planning to scrap Human Rights laws and replace it with their own authoritarian version. The Chinese also place restrictions on online activity however the Government in question is actually leading the world when in comes to monitoring civilians online activity. Their new law has the most extreme spying powers ever seen in our world.

So who is this corrupt, abusive, authoritarian law-breaking Government?

It’s the Tories of course.