The MSM QAnon Show

Welcome to the show. The Washington Post is leading the unhinged Media Establishment attack on the QAnon story. In just a few days over a dozen anti-QAnon articles have been published by the Washington Post alone, each getting more manic and deranged as the desperation becomes all the more obvious. And more will follow.


It’s hard to think of another ‘conspiracy’ that has attracted so much attention from the media, especially one that is apparently just a LARP.


Note the deliberately provocative language used – “deranged” “scary” “cult” “virus” “terrifying” “nasty” “despicable” “twisted” “byzantine” – and that’s just from one media outlet’s headlines and slugs.


For those that don’t know, the QAnon ‘conspiracy theory’ mainly consists of a series of anonymous posts, which use the socratic method of asking the reader questions, encouraging them to find their own answers. The main purpose being to enlighten people of the corruption which has gone on for many years in various establishments. The Media Establishment is no exception. Which leaves many not surprised at all by this frantic coverage.


It really is quite laughable that these question-based posts can be labelled terrifying and dangerous when all they have led people to do is be more aware of how global politics and media propaganda works. Terrifying, yes, for the establishments in question.


Almost every media outlet has jumped on the same narrative, exposing themselves further as being against people having a deeper understanding of how propaganda works.

msm madness

All of these articles paint a dark and sinister slant towards QAnon, attempting to convince the reader that, (despite not actually knowing how big the movement is) it’s still a fringe cult of only a handful of people, shown here by The Guardian (click images for links) –


Of course journalists couldn’t then help but admit they were alarmed to see more than a very small number of people were packing out the Tampa rally, advertising Q.

news alarmed

The Tampa rally was the catalyst for the media to begin acknowledging QAnon and subsequentley publishing the backlash articles against Q and those who have been researching (the Anons). As the BBC rightly admits (see below) ignoring the QAnon story now would be deemed irresponsible, as the Q interest is huge, not just a small number of people.

bbcqBBC have also drawn attention to the fact that more people are now being exposed to QAnon, exactly why all the articles have such a sinister, negative slant. Media outlets do need to be careful – but they have already failed. Nevertheless they will continue to use herd mentality technique, playing on individuals’ psychology – creating a fear of being the Other. This fear of being ridiculed, laughed at, of being different from the herd is why such strong wording has been used in all the articles in the past week –


times worry

times dangerouslunatics

Haaretz decided to take the anti-Semitic slant, a popular technique which is also being used to slate UK opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn. Despite Haaretz’ accusatory headline, the same article admits that QAnon actually has nothing to do with anti-Semitism, other than at times referring to people suspected of corruption, who just happen to be Jewish:

haaretz ant semetic

By the way, this revelation which debunks the articles’ own theory is conveniently situated at the very end of the article. Seems like batshit to me.


The Advocate, a media outlet for the LGBT community uses a similar tactic, helpfully telling its readers that they should be worried and incorrectly claims that QAnon is homophobic, crazy, disturbing and dangerous (click images for links):

advocate q


However the only proof The Advocate gives to back up these claims are a few random tweets. The Guardian also does its best to infer QAnon violence is on the cards and wants people to worry.

guardian violence

So not only do the Media Establishment want us to believe that QAnon is a –

– they are very clear to get across that this is also a dangerous, sinister, scary cult that people really need to be worried about.

It’s basic fear propaganda.

Why would they do this if there was nothing for them to fear?

fear q

Keep watching for the key words and themes to be used in the Media Establishment.

Enjoy The Show!

enjoy q


  1. doug wilson says:

    good job, linking on twitter & facebook

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  2. Professor Oof says:

    Beautiful article.

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  3. Hilda says:

    Bravo!! We are mainstream now, Q!! And the Deep State and their controlled MSM puppets. bureaucrats and politicians are terrified.

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  4. Dean Wick says:

    You are HILLARYous! Why don’t you just drive people right to and let them decide the TRUTH for themselves? Afraid that won’t work with your narrative? It won’t, because the TRUTH will set people free, unlike your unfounded gossip rag. There are plenty of proofs out there for people who want to research for themselves instead of being spoon-fed lies by the media.


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