Who was afraid of Breitbart?

Andrew Breitbart was not exactly liked by certain members of the establishment. The Podesta brothers in particular, after this tweet by Breitbart speaking a truth that would soon be discovered after the Podesta emails were leaked:

podesta tweet

Less than a year later, Breitbart was dead. On the day of his death a certain ‘journalist’ celebrated:


That’s Rolling Stones’ ‘writer’ Matt Taibii expressing his joy at the ‘Death of a Douche’ in this charming article written just hours after Breitbart’s passing.

Bear in mind, Taibii is a guy who thinks that all Russian girls want raped, despite saying no, Taibii describes how he forced them anyway because “that’s what they want, that’s what they all want”. In his words, “all relations between guys and girls are basically violent”. He talks about his joy at having sex with underage girls and threatening to kill them when they refuse to abort a child at his request. He also goes into great detail about sexually harassing females in his work place in his own memoir. What an asset to The Rolling Stones, where he still produces articles.

matt taibii

What a coincidence that he was pleased at Breitbart’s passing, since Breitbart is infamous for outing child rapists such as the expose on ACORN’s cover up of a child sex trafficking ring within it’s organisation. This was not widely reported in the media, no doubt due to Obama’s close ties with the organisation.

Days before his death, Breitbart said he was about to release damning videos of Obama which would “end him”.


Within hours of Breitbart’s death, it was announced he had died of ‘natural causes‘. No autopsy had yet taken place however this was the quote used in all MSM reports on his death.

– Matt Taibii

A few days before the toxicology report was due to be released, Breitbart’s coroner Michael Cormier also died suddenly. A family member demanded the hospital check if he had been poisoned, perhaps suspicions had already been apparent within the family that Corimer was at risk. Did he know the real cause of Breitbart’s death? Was he opposed to lying about it, had he expressed this in the days before the release of Breitbart’s toxicology report?

Corimer died of arsenic poisoning, a substance that is very difficult to get hold of for ordinary members of the public. This alone raises suspicion yet his death has never been treated as a murder investigation. Similarities to Seth Rich, who’s death has also never been fully investigated.

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