Antarctica Disclosure

Over the last few years several disclosures around Antarctica have dripped out. Alien skulls, pyramids, domes and a staircase to name but a few. Q post 2566 titled ‘The World Is Watching‘ has pointed Anons to Antarctica again, and some speculate this means further disclosures are imminent.

Alien Skulls

alien skulls.JPG

Pyramid on Antarctica


Alien ship on Antarctica

alien ship.JPG

Alien base under ice

alien base.JPG

Staircase on Antarctica


Dome building on Antarctica


Bear in mind, the topics Antarctica and Aliens are found in the Podesta emails published by Wikileaks. One email contains 25 images of Antarctica (with number 11 mysteriously missing). The subject is titled 冰山在快速溶解 meaning ‘iceberg dissolves quickly‘ in Japanese.

Square Iceberg in Antarctica image from the Podesta emails

The Podesta emails contain much talk about E.T disclosure, how the US have been aware of aliens on Earth for many, many years and what will be done about it. Judge for yourself why politicians are discussing Alien Disclosure via email by reading through a whole bunch of leaked emails here:

Obama and Clinton wanted to amend the Antarctica treaty so that less tourists can access the area, some say to prevent anymore unwanted disclosures arising.

People have noted that 2nd man on the moon Buzz Aldrin took a trip to Antarctica recently, tweeting that he was about to visit the ‘launchpad’ there, whilst wearing a ‘Destination Mars’ t-shirt, prompting some to question what type of launch pad actually exists in Antarctica.

buzz real tweet

This was followed by a disinfo image of a tweet, which appeared to be an attempt to discredit Buzz, claiming ‘We are all in danger. It is evil itself‘ captioned alongside another pyramid image, however no proof exists that this came from Buzz’s Twitter account.

buzz fake tweet

Buzz then mysteriously fell ill during his Antarctica visit and was promptly quarantined with no explanation given. Luckily a Dr. David Bowie treated the Starman and all was well with Buzz afterwards.

The day after Q posted the image below, the MSM and Nasa have been talking about Antarctica.

antartica q







David Wilcock has gathered great data on Antarctica, check out his blog as a starter.

Enjoy this new hi def map of Antarctica recently released, with names such as Disappointment Island, Brain Island, Rothschild Island and Shag Rocks, you’re bound to have fun analysing.

Enjoy The Show!