#QAnon – Is The Storm Coming To The UK?

Here in the UK we have been trying to expose corrupt establishments for years. We don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

Firstly, information on UK-Global networks of pedophile rings in elite establishments was scrubbed from the internet.

One example is the independent research site Exaro which was taken down. Exaro was a site that hosted hundreds of articles and links that proved vast networks of corruption and pedophile rings existed and VIPs and politicians were a part of it. However that version of Exaro was taken down, wiped and replaced by a new version, minus the original research.

Up until last year I could still access most of the original site with the way back machine. Now, I’m sad to report that even the archives have been scrubbed, most likely with the rise of pizzagate –

The evidence on now-wiped Exaro included lists of names, testimonies from witnesses and more, but the newly owned Exaro still has good articles detailing timelines etc of the investigation –

As a result the investigations become scattered, patchy and sparse. I’ll try to pull it together here.

David Hencke was the original researcher into the child abuse and compiled the info on Exaro. Follow [his own blog](https://davidhencke.com/?s=paedophile+&submit=Search) to keep up with his now somewhat watered down research.

Before being taken over, Exaro gave their research to Tom Watson, MP who then became the politician to raise it in parliament and demand an enquiry. [A few arrests were made at the time](https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-21349730), a priest being one of them, but nothing spectacular.

However the ‘complex, multi-agency’ inquiry was not an inquiry, it was a task to supress and delete information, discredit witnesses and protect the powerful elite. And to only start investigating people once they die.

Victims of the child abuse on inquiry panel were silenced to allow May to become PM –

Despite Prime Ministers and Royals being implicated –

Typically, the dead pedos are ‘probably’ guilty yet the only surviving pedo will face no charges –

The pedo ring extended to Jersey – UK’s sister island

Going back to WW2, kids were taken from care homes and sent to Austrailia, proving the long established global elite child trafficking links between western countries

Lists exist of MPs and Lords involved –

Theresa May has refused to give the inquiry key evidence citing ‘national security reasons’ (yeah the UK people would revolt against their own government on learning the truth)

But due to – shock, horror – errors in evidence gathering, the whole inquiry was on ‘verge of collapse’ –

Other things that helped it ‘collapse’ – inquiry advisors having to resign due to what should have been forseen issues –

For the THIRD time, the appointed chairperson ‘resigns’ from the inquiry, slowing the process even more –

– Also sends a message that no one wants to head this enquiry. Probably received death threats.

And of course, evidence from victims was ‘accidentally’ deleted –

This article gives a good summary of the deliberate ‘chaos’ and shows the sheer number of people who resigned from the inquiry –

This blog has some good links in the comments –

In 2014, it was said that this inquiry would last 10 years due to its complexity. Add in all the delays we are probably looking at around 2030 before the government will pretend to wrap this up. No doubt the acused elites will be nearly dead by then, it can swept under the carpet and the whole corrupt network will continue as it always has.

So, Anons, how can we stop them from getting away with this? I’ve only scratched the surface – the implications are huge. Current MPs, Lords, ex-PMs, police, lawyers, social work and current governments covering all of this up and hiding evidence which implicates many Western countries.

Also – forget Left and Right, this isn’t about blaming Conservatives, Labour, Dems, Republicans. So sick of hearing that divisive shit.

If you are a sick fuck you will find the Network. Doesn’t matter if you are red or blue.

The ‘national security’ excuse is about the only genuine thing here.

Yes people will revolt and want to take the government down. (Q said most people won’t be able to handle the truth)

What else can we, as part of the Q movement do, to stop the powerful elite continuing with hiding this huge network of corruption? I sometimes wish Q would move on to the treasure trove of corruption in UK establishments because a lot of us have been fighting this for years in the UK but at times it feels like we are fighting this alone.

Also – see this UK inquiry as a blueprint for if a similar inquiry was to happen in the US. I think the Q team has looked at this shit show and as a result have devised a different strategy – awaken the masses, drain the swamp and arrest the rest.

I do worry that in the UK, with Lords and Royals, it would be harder to drain swamps. The Queen after all has the final say on eveything and will she really implicate her own blood?

We need a real covert exercise, an immense awakening of the masses…so I’m wishing for that this new year. Hope you all join me.

Happy new year ya’ll.

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  1. chris says:

    Some MPs are aware of Q, and the effects its having on draining the swamp in the US, aome of them have banded the phrase ‘deepstate’ and ‘treason’, so its likely Q has made contact with some UK Military intel, and is speading the word. Steve Banaon is pushing the movement covertly, but my guess is they will clear their own backyard before they give full focus on the UK. that being said theve already sent a DOJ Plane to UK and are waiting to collect Christopher Steel on extradition charge, after he has finished giveng evidcne to a court case presentely.

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