Are these QAnon’s early posts as SenateAnon?

7 weeks before Q began posting on 4chan (and then 8chan) a poster called SenateAnon took part in the following Q&A on 4chan. The questions posed by Anons are italicized and in brackets. Many on Voat believe SenateAnon was QAnon’s first attempt to get the word out and credit to the Voat Anon for compiling the posts in a more readable format. The original archive on 4chan can be found here and a summary on Steemit can be read here.

Part 1

I’m a high level staffer for a US Senator. Both parties are trying to get Trump to bend the knee, and he still refuses. Pence is a traitor, so is Paul Ryan, and Trump has no one to help him drain the swamp. It’s high time someone broke ranks and told you what’s really going on in DC. Ask questions and I may answer.

(Pence dirty?) His associates run pedophile rings. Indiana is the headquarters of several of these blackmail rings.

The “House Arrest” stuff? Trump is playing games with them. He wants them to think he is isolated and depressed. Reality is, he knows the whole city is dirty and he has no allies.

Pence made him take out Flynn, because Flynn knew about the pedophile rings. Some of the others, like Bannon, were blackmailed. He had no choice.

Yes. The US created ISIS. During Obama’s time, the Generals (including Flynn) helped the Russians stop them. Trump has let the Russians finish ISIS off. Israel is trying to save them.

They’re trying to push Trump into fighting North Korea. CFR has wanted to reunify the peninsula for years. China is the next host for the globalists’ disease.

He was going to make Flynn the VP. The cucks said they would go to war, and Trump wasn’t ready to unsheath the knife and backstab all the traitors.

Don’t know about the porno.

My senator is blackmailed and can’t do anything. Honestly, the blackmail isn’t that bad, but he’s convinced he’d be run out of town if it was ever revealed, so he just does whatever his handlers tell him.

Yes, Mossad was in on 9/11. So were the Saudis, and they were funded by the British. So were the cucks, like Bush Sr. and Cheney. All the cucks are closet Anglophiles.

Indianapolis is the head, but they do all kinds of stuff. They give hookers to influential people at the Indiana casinos, and then have cameras in their hotel room. That goes on all over the country.

Leaders of the secret societies. They control everything.

Any convention of the states would be controlled. You have to take down the blackmail rings to be free.

Trump was, and still is, pretending he’s part of the game. If he wanted to, he could have done a run-down on Hillary’s body count during the debates, or talked about Bill Clinton’s drug-running, and won by 50 points.

In no way. Mueller led the 9/11 coverup as head of the FBI.

(Was Tory Smith killed because he said Pence was a pedo?) Don’t know.

Honestly, it was David Rockefeller that really got the ball rolling, so it’s not exactly a Jew thing. More like a CFR Anglophile thing.

ISIS is still there, and Israel is trying to intervene and may do something stupid like intervene full-bore on behalf of ISIS. But they are crumbling.

The cavalry ain’t comin’ until the blackmail rings are eliminated.

1/3 of Congress rapes kids. Most of the rest are blackmailed some other way. Orgies, gay orgies (Rubio, McConnell), selling us out to the Vietnamese (McCain), etc

He’s playing the game. If he fires his whole staff and replaces it with red-blooded nationalists, the cucks can take the whole country down. We are totally dependent on things like CIA drug-running to pay our bills. Trump is trying to hang on, get tax reform, and grow the economy enough that he’ll be able to drain the swamp when he’s not running massive deficits.

Obama wasn’t fucking kids. His secret was his past in the CIA.

No. They all answer to corproations, bankers, the CFR, Freemasons, etc.

(Pence, Ind & casino there) Yes. They got caught at Belterra many years ago, but it goes on all over.

(What was Bannon blackmailed for?) Don’t know, but that’s how they forced him out.

(Trump will bring down whole shitshow no matter what.) Not without your help.

(Trump fully pardoned Mueller & he is working with POTUS to bring down all the others?) No.

(What is SenateAnon’s Senator being blackmailed for?) Love child with a black prostitute.

(Will you confirm reptilian meme is real?)  No.

Yes. Antifa is Soros, and the Nazis are all FBI, State Department, or CIA.

The bankers will control the gold. You need a national credit system, or the globalists will inevitably take it over.

(Whose idea were the blackmail rings in the first place? When did they start?) Ancient history.

The globalists want to eventually crash the economy, buy up assets cheap, dump the dollar, and head to China with the loot.

If I named the handlers, I’d out myself. Lots of groups do sex blackmail. Mormons, freemasons, Mossad, Vatican. And that’s before you have the NSA reading everything you’ve ever done online.

Stop the pedophile rings.

The federal budget relies on CIA drug-dealing. That’s where the bailout money came from. If Trump drains the swamp while he’s running huge deficits, it’s over.

I’m risking my life naming names on pedophile rings so that one of you guys can put a camera on them.

(Reaction in DC recently?) Everyone freaked out about pizzagate. You guys backed off too soon, and stayed too geographically isolated. This goes on everywhere. You can take them down and they know it.

I offer you the hope of a long, nasty, uphill battle against all odds. Take down the blackmail networks and we’ll have our Republic back. Fail and we’re doomed.

If Trump exposes all of this right now, the whole country goes down. If you expose it, nothing happens.

(Law enforcement anon advised us to start exposing the low level blackmail rings like those in local police departments & Shriners.) Yes. Who do you think controls the DC police?

Yes. There’s a lot, and more of it the higher up you get, but not the majority. The majority is stuff like having a video of a guy at an orgy.

(Did Gorka really leave because of the Afgahn plan, or something else?) Blackmailed.

Mnuchin=Skull and Bones. Why do you think the Chinese are buying up US real estate?

Bannon is on the Council for National Policy, the most important group of non-cucked conservatives. He could have easily hung on to power… except someone had dirt. They wanted him out of the way so Trump would be forced to accept Pence’s plan at the Camp David meeting to reinforce Afghanistan to preserve the CIA’s poppy supply.

(Is Jeff Sessions corrupt?) Yes.

Would you please pay attention? If Trump does that, you starve to death or get killed in a riot when the dollar collapses. He has to wait for the economy to improve, and he has no allies because of the blackmail rings.

(If not so bad, why don’t you leak on your boss?) I’ve seriously considered leaking it to try to free him up. It’s a complex analysis, because the handlers would probably get it minimized in the media because he’s such a loyal cuck, but they also might choose to take him out because they know that’s all they have on him.

Investigate. And it has to go deeper, like getting access to computers or in-person investigations. Like O’keefe did.

Trying to build up Asia’s infrastructure. But they’re secretly controlled by the CFR and the globalists.

Masons are a pretty big part of the corruption. Shriners are especially perverted.

I don’t have anything against Mormons. There’s groups of Mormons that run blackmail rings.

Yelstin was a plant by the globalists. Bush Sr. bought him off with drug money.

(Anything coming out on Antartica?) There’s nothing to come out.

He could do it without getting killed. But not with the economy the way it is and almost $20 trillion in debt.

Besides Ben Carson, almost every single person in his cabinet and inside the White House is dirty.

And the Catholic Church is supposed to be about worshipping God, but there’s people inside that were raping kids.

Soros wants you to form right-wing death squads and fight Antifa, so you don’t fight him.

Bush Sr. got his kids from Nebraska. Easier to hide it.

(You haven’t directly said who’s a pedo ring.) Already named Mike Pence.

Washington was Grand Orient. The pyramid on the dollar is Christian, not masonic.

You can do more than the FBI or police, not less.

(Any casino owners in particular? Were we on right track with pizza restaurants?) Most of them. Sheldon Adelson is the worst of the bunch.

(Who fucking cares about an illegit black baby?) Preaching to the choir, anon.

(Did Trump collude with the Russians? Any senators not blackmailed? Are elections determined in advance and if so, who will win primaries?) No. Bernie Sanders. Yes, whoever the rich guys want will get enough money to win the primaries, then it’s up to the people.

Don’t worry about the perverts. Find the blackmailers.

Operation Gladio B. No one important is going to prison, as of right now. That could be changed with a proper dose of autism.

(Will Trump be impeached for “Russian ties”?) That’s being considered, and Pence has discussed it with his own party.

(Gorka is chomo too?) Again, I don’t know what they had on him, but he was dirty.

Most are blackmailed. And paid for.

q question everything

Part 2

(Is hurricane Irma the physical manifestation of Trump’s desire to drain the swamp?) No, weather control by the deep state.

I already explained why Trump picked Pence. If he stayed with Flynn, the cat’s out of the bag and the dollar collapses before he takes office. You guys have no idea what he’s up against because you don’t even bother to learn the stuff about the CIA that’s available to the public.

(Do you work out of the capitol or state office?) No comment.

(How did they react to Pizzagate? Everyone in DC in on it or is it a select few?) Full-on panic. Robert David Steele was set up to be the limited hangout if it got really bad. They would have hung the pedos, kept the more normal perverts, and told everyone it was ok.

I have no power to effect this policy change. You have the power to catch them in the act, and shut it down.

(What’s the deal with DWS and Awan’s planted laptop?) Other party, so I don’t know all the details, but it was basically all part of the Democrats’ blackmail networks and the CIA.

Start small, then. Try to catch your mayor, or a state senator, or even a dirty cop or some political donor. These guys aren’t hard to catch.

Yeah, there’s a lot of people in DC that don’t see what goes on around them.

CIA drug-dealing is a major portion of the federal budget.

(1st anon asked why they had to get rid of Flynn. 2nd anon states: Because of Kushner, you idiot. Kushner’s father hired a prostitute to seduce his brother-in-law, arranged to record an encounter between the two, and had the tape sent to his sister. These aren’t good people.) Kushner is 3-4 levels down the totem pole. Soros funded and created him, and Soros is a patsy for the globalists that run the Federal Reserve.

Clean people at FBI don’t have the info. Superiors won’t let them do their job.

(How do the Israelis feel about Trump?) They’re not happy with him letting Russia take out ISIS.

(is there any truth to reports of Trump being incompetent or mentally ill?) State Department cover for CIA in Vietnam, FBI since then. Trump is not incompetent or mentally ill, but Pence is floating this as an option to remove him.

You don’t need to slowly infiltrate places of power. They won’t let you. They are controlled by pedophiles.

Rand Paul is a good guy, but they found dirt in his past. Cruz is dirty as hell, fucks around on his wife all the time and his family is CIA.

(About many swamp dwellers POTUS working with.) That’s the best he can do until you take down the powers behind the swamp.

It’s not liberal media, it’s CIA media. Do you know who Mika Brzezinski’s dad is?

You want me to name names and places? I need you guys’ word that you’ll go do something about it.

(Who do you work for? McCain? Feinstein? Cruz? McConnel?Schumer?) Not saying who.

(The closest you’ve come to pointing the finger at an organization blackmailing to keep pedos safe was another guy talking about the ROJ. Referring to Masonic Royal Order of Jesters.) ROJ controls DC police. Headquarted in (you guessed it) Indiana. 

Especially since we have the numbers to beat these occult faggots.

Help me awaken the sleeping giant, anon. I work 70 hours a week and it’s hard to get to a safe place to connect to the internet.

(What country are they getting this kids from then, know it all?) All over. US, Haiti, Syria, any war zone.

(Do you plan to make a 2nd thread once this hits bump limit?) Sure.

Enjoy your chains. I’m going down fighting.

(So I’m guessing the rich guys wanted Jeb, not Trump. Can’t control for candidates being rich on their own though.) They knew they couldn’t get Jeb. Cruz was the plan, and Kasich ended up being a wild card. Trump pretended it was all a set up to create his own TV channel, but FBI anon’s group had asked him to run.  (So MI created FBIAnon???)

(Why do so many kids go missing in Virginia?) Easier to transport to the perverts.

(I keep hearing how stopping the drug trade crashes the US economy.) That’s basically 1/4 of our tax revenue for a year. Combine that with the globalists controlling the Fed, the major banks and corporations, and the media, and it’s easy to destroy confidence in the US dollar.

Enlisted military would support Trump 5 to 1 or better. Support is even better among the brass. Civil war literally isn’t a thing we would win it so fast. The problem is saving the dollar.

CFR wants to take over NK, they know it’s coming, so they’re trying to create their own Samson option. CFR created NK by giving the Chinese our nuclear tech under Clinton, and W helping them get reactors.


Part 3

(Is Trump from the future?) No.

Facebook was an intelligence operation, probably NSA. He’s a useful idiot that stole his program. You guys need to get off there entirely. Communism has always been a globalist plot to co-opt the real enemy of the globalists, which is economic nationalism. Listen to Bannon, you should understand what the American System is, because it’s what made America great.

(When’s the crash supposed to happen?) Don’t know. But the NSA will, because they read the e-mails of every CEO of a public company. That’s why Congress earns about double the return on their portfolio as regular people.

(Who did 9/11?) Mossad was involved, but so was Saudi Arabia, the UK, and globalists like Cheney and Bush Sr. Look into all the cocaine money Bush Sr. was flying into Russia in the 1990s.

(You should probably answer the questions about what happened on that October night when the insurance files were released and what went down at the Embassy. How likely would Israel use the “Samson Option” if they were to be exposed?) Don’t know what you’re referring to with insurance files. Israel is unlikely to actually use Samson. Only US and Rusia can attack them and withstand their nuclear arsenal, and neither wants to.

City of London is the co-headquarters of the swamp, along with New York. Learn about the history of the CFR. Canada is not an important power in geopolitics. Nice people, though.

The most important thing is to take on the pedophile rings. You are the sleeping giant, now wake up.

It sounds like it’s more than just shills now, so I’ll explain. I am giving you things that would get me killed, and I’m much more valuable to you alive than dead. I don’t want to give you a photo where I make some mistake and the CIA can identify me with it.

Every single Republican in the Senate is blackmailed.

Paul Ryan only got his spot because he’s a freemason. He is genuinely too stupid to fix obamacare, and he won’t even listen to the think tanks that are trying to feed him good ideas, like making the system more efficient. There’s a PWC study on healthcare waste that any policy wonks should read.

(How fucking incompetent is the republican senate?) Mostly incompetent. Rand Paul is sharp, but blackmailed. He and Carson have good ideas on healthcare, but the rest won’t listen.

(What happened to FBI Anon?) He’s on Infowars all the time.

(Who are Trump’s rock solid allies in all of this?) Roger Stone, but Stone was a fixer and blackmailer for Nixon. He’s not a great guy.

Trump is actually a nationalist and wants to MAGA. But he’s not a DC veteran and he has literally no support at all.

(Asking if Trump is in Secret Societies/Ultra.) Gingrich is 33rd degree, and he said no. If he is, he’s done a great job hiding it.

Is this a joke? A Goldman Sachs Bonesman is taking on the moneymen?

(How do they create the hurricanes?) Operation Popeye.

(Who did Ollie North cover for?) Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton.

(You said Bernie is clean. DNC emails suggested he was being blackmailed. Also he’s a commie jew race baiter.) Threatened more than blackmailed. Idiots can be clean.

(What are the odds they go for a military coup?) Against Trump? 0 (BEST ANSWER ON THE BOARD)

You have to rebuild the real economy. Manufacture things, make the healthcare system efficient. Read about what Henry Clay did to MAGA in the first place.

(Celebrities are blackmailed too, right? Is this why they all overwhelmingly wanted Hillary and despise Trump?) Yes. Pedophilia in Hollywood is worse than DC.

(He shouldn’t have fired Bannon.) Would you prefer if Bannon was publicly exposed as a pervert? That was the other option.

(Can you tell us about the Masonic Royal Order of Jesters and its connection to the D.C. police? For reference: They control the cops, and lower level blackmail.

(Freemasons being involved in blackmail?) Probably 1/4 of Congress are members.

(Should we expect anything BIG from Trump or NK tomorrow, it’s 9/11 after all.) No.

(Note: these posts were 9/11/17)

(So what’s happening with Trump and Schumer and taking away the debt ceiling?) Paul Ryan was going to make an even worse deal.

(You honestly think a bunch of larping fascists on a anime image board are really going to bring down all these pedo rings?)

There’s no one else left, anon. You’re the last hope of the Republic.

(Can you explain CFR in more detail?) You can read membership lists, white papers (i.e their plans), and everything online. It was created by Cecil Rhodes and the Round Table.

Pizzagate was a dead end? They hacked the server and found all kinds of incriminating info. Probably could have blown it open with some real world sleuthing, like literally every high level anon has said. If you’re outside DC, just start looking into the influential people in your town or state. Does your senator rape kids? How would you find out?

(Last year people were chasing the block chain dead man switch Assange had. Polacks had to be extra cautious and go to endchan just to keep investigating. WTF was that all about? What happened to anyone who got close to the whole enchilada? On a side note, the insurance files were something wikileaks released on October 5 2016 (I think it was the fifth) But what do you think it has, or is it Anthony Weiners file.) I don’t know. But Assange isn’t going to break this open, he’s a limited hangout.

(Anons have ended up disappearing when trying to actually going out and being street detectives for pizza gate.) Not a single one. You know that screen names on voat stopped posting, and concluded (like they wanted) that they were real people that got killed.

(Is Assange boxed in?) Yes.

(Sorry Robert David Steele(lite) i’m not falling for your shit) Already addressed Steele.

(Concerning the pedos: can you give us any more of a hint (“name names/places”) Already asked for your word that you’ll actually use the information.

(What have you heard or seen about Pence?) He’s the head of a pedophile ring.

Assange is not dead. Wikileaks is limited hangout.

(How are we supposed to do anything?) Hack, follow people around, use cameras. You want it to be disorganized, or the Feds will infiltrate it.

Yes, Steve Pieczenik is FBI anon.

The smart people in DC are scared shitless.

(What did Bannon do??) Don’t know.

Yes, he needs a vibrant economy to shut down the CIA’s drug dealing.

All of the Senate Republicans are blackmailed.

(I know the American system like the back of my hand and it really is what made us great.) Most people don’t. Even people that should, like policy analysts for Senators or think tanks.

(So Trump will not remove these people? Not even a chance?) No. You have to take down the blackmailers.

(The only way the giant awakens is with some damning, irrefutable evidence of the pedo rings used by people in positions of power, including the blackmail evidence.) It just takes a few incidents and they’ll get scared and start to shut it down. Even pizzagate had them terrified.

Pedophilia is blackmail material. But some of these people really enjoy it. David Rockefeller and Bush Sr., for example.

(You have to think about how a ring operates. Different scale rings have different needs. HTG is good because it loosely follows this principle. STUDY THIS GRAPHIC and think about Where procurement happens, Who provides different logistical services, Who produces & Where. [The consumers/End users are not as important] HTG would do better to figure out the rings, surveil them, and work backwards to the logistics.

Kim Jong Un is a dictator trying to hang onto power by developing a Samson option. WWIII is unlikely, but regional conflicts are possible. I’m not pushing Islam, that’s the globalists.

(I live by those pesky casinos & drive to indy semi-regularly. Can you drop any more hints?) Ask the people at the hotel. Ask blackjack dealers who they’ve seen in there. Ask the security. Michael Jordan goes to Gary and they hook him up. I’m sure they do the same for the Chicago elites.

There isn’t a group called the Illuminati in DC. It’s others, like masons, CIA, Mossad, etc.

Infrastructure pays for itself quickly. It’s one of the few things the government does well. That’s why the globalists hate it; they want you to be poor.

(Tell us something that will happen in a few days.) Stop chasing fortune tellers, and judge people by the content they provide.

NSA does most of the spying to discover new tech. CIA does a lot less sigint, and a lot more clandestine activities.


Part 4

(Why shouldn’t we let the dollar crash then rebuild?) How much food, ammo, and gold do you have?

(What part of NSA spys on CEO emails for stock tips?) I don’t know specific departments, but my boss gets stock tips regularly from somewhere.

(What’s going to happen on September 23?) Note: 9/23/17. Don’t know.

(Why would Wikileaks release a trove of CIA attack vectors if they’re a limited hangout?) Demoralize the populace.

I don’t know enough about this, but tax reform would get us another 2% growth easily, and fixing regulations could double that. That’s what Trump is trying to do.

Common. They only fund people that are blackmailed in the primaries, so you end up with two controlled stooges going for the seat.

(and here she is 1.5 years later – bought off by Mittens…) The media won’t tell you, but Coulter is one of the smartest policy people in DC. She actually knows what she’s talking about, which is why they hate her so much. Also, she’s a lesbian, if you didn’t know yet.

If he is, no one in Washington has proof. (Responding to another anon not believing Pence is a pedo – 2nd anon states: Yes, Pence who has pool parties with Hastert isn’t a pedo. Sure, pal.)

China is trying to develop things, and the globalists want them to be poor. Same as it was under Kennedy.

The hacked server was definitely not disinfo. (re: hacked server at Comet)

Have you seen High Level Insider lately? I hope they come, but no one knows. There’s people raping kids right now in Washington DC. We can stop it.

Southern Jurisdiction Scottish Rite is definitely the most powerful in the US.

It’s got nothing to do with states rights vs. the feds. The state governments are just as full of perverts.

Start busting pedophiles in WA.

(Use real, verifiable sources that law enforcement can use to overcome the hurdle of their supervisor or to get a warrant) No. That’s exactly where Pizzagate went wrong.

(Israel has complete control with their blackmail network.) Epstein was shut down a long time ago.

You didn’t post a public key, meaning you don’t know enough about cryptography for me to take you seriously.

(Roy Cohn?) Dead for a long time, but yes.

Trump is red-pilled on the big stuff, yes.

Almost all of the masons are Scottish Rite.

Jesters get cops, state judges, staffers, that kind of things. For Senators, it’s usually stuff like Epstein’s pedo island.

(So then we need to use HTG. Investage in person, take justice into our own hands with what we find) Yes.

Alright, the Jesters have a building in Adams Morgan, under Billiken property management. Last I heard, things go on there.

I’m not revealing sources.

Don’t use Discord, it’s not secure. You need something encrypted with no backdoor.

Blackjack dealers aren’t going to know about pedo stuff. They’re going to see important people at the tables.

(We also could have our own Sampson option . Go full out 100%, shill for civil war, make it happen. The US will collapse, but ((they)) will too. And we can rebuild it, stronger then before. I have faith in the people , even if a 1/3 is hopelessly brainwashed.) Good idea, anon. Destroy your own country while the bankers run off to China.

Bannon is blackmailed.

(How can trump dismantle and abolish the federal reserve?) An alternative.

(Did Sessions intentionally mislead Trump for his nomination?) No. He was a Trump supporter.

Trump knows everything.

Whistle blower that was part of a CIA plan to take down the NSA. NSA was spying on the CIA, so CIA retaliated. (Chelsea Manning)

No, Cruz and Paul hate Trump.

The real power in DC is divided into CFR vs. CNP. Bannon is CNP, and a real nationalist. Cucks and Democrats are CFR. The real power to make policy in DC comes from policy groups and think tanks.

(Will Hillary ever get imprisoned?) That’s up to you.

I’ve been very clear, expose the blackmail rings.

Lots of gay shit, some hetero orgies, some pedophilia. The elites are divided into camps based on their area of work, and they plan things for the year.

Pizzagate kept looking at people’s instagram accounts and didn’t go into live investigations.

(So if the CIA is so powerful, why didn’t they rig the digital voting machines for Hillary?) They did. Hillary lost by 20 points according to our polling

Drain the swamp yourselves.

I’m not invited to pedophilia parties, that’s mostly for Senators and Congress. My boss doesn’t rape kids.

(Video evidence that would literally be illegal and they could arrest you and shut you up before it got to the media.) Then don’t be silly and release it anonymously.

Exactly. Media won’t cover it. You must force an investigation out of fear.

Get me a fucking white paper already, High Level Insider.

(Where did bush sr get the 10 year old boys skull back when he was in skull and bones?) The Finders in Nebraska.

(Tell me some dirt on the Federal Reverse.) It’s run by the City of London and the Crown.

(Did the swamp not know steve pieczenik and his people asked Trump to run? Also, how much of an insider is Roger Stone?) No, they didn’t know Pieczenik asked him to run. Roger Stone is pretty deep, did a lot of dirty stuff for Nixon.

(If Sessions is a Trump supporter, why isn’t he helping Trump prosecute Hillary/swamp/etc) Already explained.

(So moving it to the Treasury? Isn’t that one of the plausible reasons Kennedy died?) That’s exactly why Lincoln died. Public control of the money press.

(Is this pedo shit actually little children, or do politicians just love slutty teens?) Many of them are young children.

I don’t there is an alternative besides meeting irl far away from any electronics. Vault 7 said that there is nothing in the world the cia can’t havk and use as a audio feed.) It’s best to stick with a small group of people you know and keep it off the internet.

(Person who stormed Comet & shot up computer?) Obvious false flag.

(Ok so why didn’t they rig it for her to WIN?) Bill Mitchell exposed the crooked polling that was going to cover it up. Remember when she cancelled the firewrorks? That’s when it was called off. Bernie Sanders won the primaries, too.

(How did we get the skippy video with the child screaming in terror? What source did that come from?) Don’t know, and I wouldn’t out someone if I did know.

(Why don’t any of you overpaid “professionals” lead the way?) When you ask questions like this, it tells me that you’re not serious. You expect someone else to ride in on a white stallion and save you. That’s why I ignore people like you, and pay attention to the people that are serious about action.

(I have heard they are often drunk or drugged and given the child in the middle of whatever they are doing with someone legal.) Yes.

fbi kill.jpg

Part 5

Bernie Sanders is the only clean Senator I know of. Some of the Freedom Caucus is clean, but there’s dirty people in there, too.

Don’t worry about what Trump can do for you. Worry about what you can do for Trump.

Supreme Court are all definitely dirty. I believe all the appeals judges are dirty, too. Probably 75% of the district.

(Isn’t blackmailing a senator or congressman once enough?) Yes. They only got my boss for one thing. But the elites like to revel in their perversions together. They see it as a privilege.

It’s not all kids. The majority is adults. And sometimes they get drugged, or tricked into fucking a 17 year old. Sometimes the NSA just finds something from their past. I think you could say all of them are Satanists, although they might not call it that. Kids are usually held at special locations like Epstein’s island, occasionally held at their home. Hookers happen in hotels and houses mostly, but sometimes lodges. There was a guy that had a “bat cave” in the Carribbean where they had hookers and cocaine, but I don’t think they were pedophiles.

(War anytime soon?) Maybe with North Korea. I hope not.

No aliens. That’s all CIA distractions.

(House speaker in a New England state.) You have said too much already. You should definitely see if your dad is blackmailed.

(Translation: Obama didn’t win Ohio.) Yes. Hillary got crushed in states where there’s a paper trail. Obama won Ohio, then there was like a 15 point swing to Trump IIRC due to paper ballots.

I have given you names, locations, and methods, yet you still bitch. The men are talking about how to save children from the rapists. Quiet down.

(Do you know anything about why 2020 is such a big panic-attack for high level intel in the Air Force? Note: Blue Beam is a ‘conspiracy theory’ that NASA is attempting to implement a New Age religion with the Antichrist at its head and start a New World Order, via a technologically-simulated Second Coming.) That might be a date for Project Blue Beam, but I cannot confirm.

I want you to do detective work.

(How true is the stereotype of politicians killing hookers?) Uncommon. The Madams won’t keep sending them. Attractive hookers that know to keep their mouth shut are rare.

(How truthful are the Ronald Bernard (dutch banker turned whistleblower) videos? Pretty accurate, but there’s no group called the Illuminati.

(Trying to nail down the poster’s boss) No comment.

(What is the deep state’s plan for 2018? Rig the primaries for a Dem majority then impeach?) They have plenty of votes with the cucks on the Republican side. They have no excuse to do it, and would risk a coup or armed revolt which would be supported by Russia.

(So James Alefantis was indeed running a pedo ring out of his pizza shop?) He was a pedophile, but I don’t know if the pizza place was the place where they raped them, or just a meeting place.

(Will Senate pass DACA?) Probably not.

No. You can find out what is in the works by reading papers by the major think tanks. A senior analyst at Heritage knows more policy than my boss.

(What’s Rand Paul blackmailed for?) He did something at a frat party in college.

(Trump can’t do shit. It’s up to the people of the united states. You need to do a lot more than just vote every 4 years. If you want to take down the monster that the US Government has become, you need to start replacing the functions of the US government from the ground up. Decentralize and unplug. Create the communities you want to see.) Basically, this.

(Is Trump waiting for 2018 to enact his major promises?) No. He is in bad shape, and desperately needs your help. This is him playing 4d chess on all cylinders.

The globalists have done this since the British Empire and the Opium Wars. Skull and Bones. Soros is a couple steps down from the top. Rothschild and Rockefeller are some of the biggest names (although Rockefeller died, so they’re falling off). Robert Mercer and Sheldon Adelson are some of the bigggest funders for Republicans.

(Ben Shapiro?) He’s blackmailed.

Art world does a lot of bribery, too. Buy shitty artwork for $2000, sell it to billionaire in a few years for $5000. Same with houses, although harder to cover up.

(We still can’t be sure these threads aren’t LARPs or misdirection because there’s so little direction.) Step 1: think for yourself. WH Anon didn’t give any specifics, obvious LARP/distraction.

Obama was CIA, and funded ISIS on purpose. They wanted to run a pipeline through Syria. Arab Spring was all CIA.

It helps if you have blackmail on powerful people. I know I’m not going down for anything petty. Otherwise, you need to be careful, and start with low-level, soft targets. You guys could be busting low-level perverts all day, but everyone just screams about Hillary not being in jail.

(Were states stolen from trump? Did he really win the popular vote?) Yes. He won the popular vote by a landslide. Aleppo man got 7% in our polling.

Gorsuch is dirty. They’re all dirty, Scalia was dirty, but he was thinking about taking the fall and blowing the lid off the job they did on Roberts on the Obamacare decision. I know Thomas and Scalia were Knights of Malta, and the other Catholics might be.

Threatened to kill him, and offered to buy him a house. That’s why he cried so hard at the convention, he knew it was all a sham. (When Bernie turned.)

(Are you drunk?) No.

(Bernie clean but not smart.) They don’t have any blackmail on him. If he were smarter, he’d be more of a threat. But he doesn’t know anything about policy, so he listens to his (controlled) staff.

I work 70 hours a week, and my face is known in DC. Lots of you have 30-40 hours of free time in a week to investigate.

(How much robert mercer influence donald trump?) Not a lot. Hannity is one of the few people he trusts.

Kids are being raped. I’m not raping them, you’re not raping them, and the cops won’t stop it. If you don’t want to help, fine.

(Is White Genocide real?) Yeah. Including viruses that target whites. Remember SARS? Remember anyone that wasn’t Asian that got it?

(What do you think about Antartica?) Nothing.

(You kidding me?) No. I’m pretty sure they’re planning Project Blue Beam. The Space Force was a very high priority that came out of nowhere. 

LA has a huge problem with masons in the police. Masons are the biggest group compromising local police.

They cleaned bugs during the renovation. I assume they haven’t been replaced.

Yes. Obama was a CIA agent. They are fiercely loyal to him.

No. Hillary could bring down half of Washington with the dirt she has.

Yes. (Corey Goode & David Wilcock are huge faggots)

China’s economic plan has been to just build the hell out of infrastructure and see what happens. Luckily, that’s one of the few things governments are good at, and it has made them into a modern economy.

John Birch Society was run by the CFR as controlled opposition. You should ask him about it, see who his handlers are, and try to catch them.

(Give public info on 9/11.) No one would listen and I would immediately die.

Economics is the conspiracy. American System vs. globalism.

Stop telling me any more specific information about yourself.

Cruz’s family is CIA. It’s not just Jews, anon.

There is no way for me to find out who you are without putting both of us in danger. You don’t want to work in DC, not until the swamp gets drained.

The swamp is terrified of this discussion. (Anon accuses poster of doing damage control.)

(Why did Trump stock his government with political hacks and economic toadies?) Already explained. He had no choice.

Adelson is one of the biggest donors out there, and he runs CIA blackmail ops. Look into Steven Jacobs.

Yes. Turn in the pedophiles, leverage anything else for policy change.

(Al Franken.) Dirty, suspected pedophile.

If 4chan swings into gear? Good. If not? We’re fucked.

(Alex Jones is clean right?) No. God no.

(Is Trey Gowdy blackmailed?) I don’t think so. Very likely threatened to slow him down.

The Fed is the problem. Austrian economics is a limited hangout. You want to learn American School economics. Ron Paul was competitive with Romney before the Diebold vote machines changed things.

Fluoride is bad. Frogs are turning gay. Both confirmed science.

Knights of Malta got you DC v. Heller and a sunset to the assault weapons ban.

(What’s best way to surveil kid rapists/facilities?) Hidden camera.

(Were the hurricanes man made?) More like man-intensified.

great awakening

Part 6

(It would be a shame if someone found out who the handlers were, dumped their info on the web somewhere, and said handlers committed suicide by shooting themselves point blank in the chest and dropping backwards into a canal.) Yes, that would be very naughty and bad. Golly, I hope no one gets ideas from people like you!

(What are the chances of a US senator coming clean and naming names?) If you catch the handlers, it’s good. Until then, low.

You will not get anywhere in politics if you’re a good person.

(Have your Senator Boss go spill the beans on the floors of the Senate live on C-SPAN while you livestream it yourself on YouTube.) I have tried to get him to do this.

(Are spooks monitoring this thread?) And commenting furiously.

(Did JFK Jr. really die by his own cause?) No. Clintons had him killed.

Alex Jones is told to shut things down from time to time. Sandy Hook is a good example.

The other guys are obvious, but you need to be called out specifically. You are a shill. Everyone saying “only the elites can save us” is a shill. They know 4chan can do this, and they don’t want you to.

No. The blackmail is, by definition, collected by dirty people.

(Do they monitor 4chan?) Yes. The NSA keeps all of this catalogued.

(What games do the rosicrucians play in politics?) None, besides mason rosicrucians.

You are the only ones that can do it. How can an FBI agent do an investigation when there’s dirty people in his unit? How can detectives do it when the prosecutor is a pedophile?

(What was their reason to intensify the hurricanes?) Pressuring Trump. Destroying Texas.

Expose whatever you can find as quickly as possible.

(ETIs? Yes / No?) No.

(How does he expect us to play detective and stay safe when these people will kill you.) Where would our country be if men said this during WWII?

(Is it worth joining Government agencies at this point?) Maybe to gather intel.

The Awan thing isn’t going far up the chain as far as I know.

Hillary is not going to jail unless you guys crack the case. Rothschilds were one of her biggest funders. Pamela Harriman.

(Is Alex Jones threatened?) Threatened and blackmailed. He was originally an outright CIA op, but now he’s trying his best to get the word out. He just can’t say anything. Every once in awhile he blurts out real red pills about historical stuff. Bill Cooper exposed him.

Tariffs on China and tax reform could save the American economy and bring back manufacturing very fast. That’s why they hate Trump, he understands American economics.

Small fish don’t encrypt their e-mails, and debug their offices. They aren’t surrounded by people that will kill you for snooping. (Anon suggests starting with the small fish in government.)

They monitor everything. You can stop it by using TOR or other measures.

(What were the GATE Gifted & Talented school programs all about?) Don’t know.

(Why do some people like Bill Cosby and Roman Polanski get picked to be publicly attacked as rapists but other people don’t get exposed?) Their handlers turned on them.

(Why bring any more attention to the idea that Hollywood is full of pedos?) Why not?

(Also why would the NSA care about the memes I make and how often I say nigger?) They don’t. They care about protecting the blackmail networks.

(Did the CIA kill JFK by themselves?) No one’s really sure, but Bush Sr. was in charge.

No. None of the blackmailers are in the public eye.

(Is the story about fish people clawing up in tanks real?) No.

Learn how to stop NSA spying. You won’t get anywhere if you’re not blackmailed.

(Specifically the blackmailers are the priority correct?) Yes. They run the country.

(About blackmailed Congress people.) Learn what the House and Senate are.

(Where do /ourguys/ congregate? ICE?) There’s literally no public group that isn’t subverted. Stick with people you know for these investigations.

Stop chasing current events and learn history. For example, if you don’t know the history of the Council on Foreign Relations, you are incapable of understanding American politics. It’s literally impossible.

I hope you switched to TOR.

You lied about the same thing in the other thread. Bannon is blackmailed.

It’s much better than nothing. Learn actual cryptography, and you will understand its limitations and benefits. (TOR was made by the navy.)

(Are they trying to make plans to assassinate Trump?) Yes.

(How many vpn servers do the Alphabet agencies own?) Most of the shills are Defense.

(Do you know of or have you heard of individuals/cases that did posses some interesting powers? Spidey-type stuff?) Just weather modification.

Learn how to evade monitoring. Get a new computer, run TOR, connect from public wifi. That kind of thing.

HTG is the most important thing on 4chan, and thus possibly the country. (What do you think about the HTG threads?)

Yes. His family is deep in the masons, and he was a disinfo agent originally. Now he’s limited and addicted to the money and fame. (Alex Jones)


(The way to know Senate Anon is saying things that are important is to note the huge presence of posters, many of whom are drive-by “1 post by this ID,” attacking him. Also note how few of them attack the truth of what he’s saying – they can’t, since it’s true – they simply scream “LARP!”) Bingo. Now, compare to other topics that receive no desperate shilling.

(There is something to project bluebeam maybe. Remember that forum long time ago in 2007 maybe? Talks about Kushner being the new illuminati head, Ivanki the queen goddess. Creepy shit.) They’re working on appropriations for a Space Force.

Al Qaeda was CIA.


Part 7

Pocahantas is dirty (obviously), and is sort of the Bernie candidate for 2020. They may have to go with Tulsi Gabbard (also dirty) if things get bad.

(Do you know who the handlers are? Senators? Staffers? Maybe media – the pass let’s them in more places.) Pay attention.

(What did Obama tell Trump?) Don’t know specifics. But FBI and CIA started Russia hoax right after that.

(Glenn Beck?) High level Mormon. Actually has some good stuff on American history.

Start local. Catch a small fish.

I’m depressed too. We still have to catch the people that are diddling the kids.

(What’s going on with Martin Shkreli? Why was the media sicced on him so hard?) He’s got stuff on the Clintons that a lot of people have.

Elections are a waste of time. You could have drained the swamps yourselves if you put your Trump energy into busting pedophiles.

(Is Michelle really a Michael?) Probably.

(Do senators from same party & state have same handlers?) No.

(Do handlers make any regular public appearances near the senators?) Never.

(What is your “american economics” bullshit?) Tarrifs, national credit, internal improvements.

(Does Trump have any private security assets working to uncover dirt to help take down all these pedophiles?) Yes. There’s a lot of people in the military secretly working for him, but they’re mostly concerned about security continegencies.

I’m currently nutting up and trying to blow the lid off the cabal, but I don’t have hard evidence.

Killing each other solves nothing.

(Any FF planned for 9/11/17?) No. They’ve slowed down on these lately. They’re afraid you’ll realize terrorism is fake, or realize how easy it would be to turn terrorism against them.

TOR makes the NSA’s job much harder, but not impossible.

The Rothschild family is even higher than the blackmail handlers. They employ the handlers. The top of the pyramid.

Hard currencies don’t work when the bankers control the gold. This has already been done in American history.

(Old news that tor is useless. Listen, everything you do is recorded. Everything.) This is what Vault 7 was trying to accomplish. Discouragement. It’s actually pretty easy to get around them if you’re careful.

(Will DHS use its new executive powers to execute mass political arrests anytime soon?) No. People would start shooting.

(Let’s 1/ focus on low level unprotected pedo groups ie local law enforcement, 2/ look at shriners, 3/ find shriners in law enforcement and surveil them (hidden cameras, follow them), 4/ expose them anonymously, 5/ once senators see action they might speak out & blow the whistle).  Yes.

TOR > VPN. You should always be masking your IP.

The CIA created the heroin epidemic.

(Tell us about Space Force you mentioned.) They want to do Project Blue Beam under that program.

Sessions is pro-Trump, but blackmailed.

Desperate. (Anon accusing SenateAnon of being a shill.)

(Andrew Anglin) Anglin is a pedophile that loves black women.

US, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, China, all became economic powerhouses through American School. You are wrong, know no history, Austrian school can’t even explain the rise of China. If it’s all about muh freedom, how is one of the less free nations growing at 10 percent for decades?

(How do senators communicate with their handlers?) Depends. Part of the Iwan situation is that they handled these communications.

(Is Tulsi blackmailed?) Yes. She’s CFR and grew up in a weird cult that might be running blackmail.

(1/ Are handlers connected to each other/work as a group 2/ Do some senators share handlers? 3/ Do you think local LE would just use nearby shitty hotels or do you go to a shriner temple?) Different groups. Yes. Hotels are most common, but it can be country clubs or other places.

Your VPN can out you directly. TOR can only be cracked with correlation analysis.

(I seem to remember tariffs, national credit & internal improvements being tried in another country not that long ago. Turned their economy around miraculously.) Happens all the time and the globalists start wars to prevent it.

(Is the threat of tanking the economy really that bad? After Iceland’s banking collapse, they told the world bankers to fuck off and are doing fine after some adjustment.) Yes, it’s that bad. They plan to move their private-fiat-banking system to China eventually.

Obama created ISIS, Flynn exposed it, Trump shut it down. He bombed an empty air strip and warned them ahead of time.

Jackson was a Freemason that took the country from prosperity to decades of ruin.

(Can you explain Bluebeam in better detail?) Fake alien invasion.

(Why would they create the heroin epidemic?) To make money selling drugs.

CIA and Department of Defense plants (Anderson Cooper) combined with blackmailed executives. (How control over the media works)

(Are female senator involved with kiddo fiddling?) I don’t think so.

(Are you aware of any other groups or movements that are trying to throw a wrench in the system? Also are there any other countries that the Patriots could trust in the case of a civil war? No one is without their own agendas of course but whom would be the least likely to stab us in the back once the dust had settled?) High Level Insider is out there somewhere in academia, but no one knows where he went. Russia would jump in on the side of the people if shooting started.

No. You’ll get nowhere if you are clean.

(Which is better, dirt on Senator handler or local law enforcement?) Obviously senator. But catching the low level guys is easier and anyone can do it.

(Some dude claims that Jared Kushner is the head of Project Bluebeam and that “the head of the illuminati” is a freak who “dresses like Kefka from Final Fantasy 6”? Thread: & reddit:  )  There’s no Illumati. Kushner is a mason.

(Is Rachel Chandler a handler or close to them in any way? What about her colleague Walter Pierce?) Don’t know.

Yes, “white nationalists” that only have sex with black women are controlled opposition. Most of these guys are fake, including Jewish and black wives.

(You mean the US who had essentially no government up until the 1910’s?) US had limited government. Built roads, fought wars, then did nothing else. Same thing that made Rome great. Read the Federalist Papers. Literally every founding father favored internal improvements.

Mueller is one of the dirtiest people in DC.

(Are there any politicians that aren’t pedos or up to their necks in the swamp?) Almost none in DC.

(Ryan was a Comet regular, wasn’t he?) No. There’s a ring in his home state.

The spooks hated Hillary. She kept selling secrets to the Chinese, for decades.

Era of good feelings came to an end with Jackson. Learn actual history. (“from prosperity to decades of ruin.” Oh, you mean the mid to late 1800’s? The greatest period of economic growth in any country in world history? What horrific economic ruin!)

Underage asians and blacks. He’s done both. (Anglin)

Both answer to Wall Street and the City of London. (CIA and Mossad are the same shit)

Running nodes is how you do correlation. (You’re are 100% full of shit. there are multiple ways to own tor users. the feds could launch a shitload of tor nodes themselves – and there are more exploits.)

If you had an argument, you wouldn’t use caps and keep repeating it in hopes it became true. Israel was part of the operation, but not the leader. Saudi Arabia handled the money, Turkey handled most of the guns. (ISRAEL IS ISIS YOU FUCKING SHILL!!! ISRAEL DID 9/11. ISRAEL DOES EVERYTHING BAD IN THIS WORLD)

(Is Kushner the head of Project Blue Beam, though? Why would someone say that about him all the way back in 2008?) I don’t even think they’ve selected a head of Project Blue Beam yet.

(Have you seen any proof of real aliens? specifically aliens involved in our government.) No.

(Do you know anything about the Seth Rich case?) It was a hit. 

Yes, CIA is very active in Europe. Operation Gladio. (should people in Europe do detective works too? Is this stuff as common here as it is in the USA?)

(Why won’t any of those idiots understand that nothing electronic we do is secret?) Because it’s not true.

There isn’t one overall group. It’s a way to trick you into calling them the wrong name. CFR is real and can be investigated and exposed, Illuminati is nothing.

(How does one become a staffer? What’s the pay like?) Work on campaigns. Pay sucks for the work and bullshit levels.

(Any bite to the russia story? no yes or no, why are they pushing it so hard if no?) No. They are pushing it to keep Trump away from the other nationalist leader.

This will make no sense until you understand the America School. The Fed is privately owned, the 2nd bank was publicly owned. Fed finances globalist bankers, 2nd bank financed roads. (Re: Jackson. Dude alright this is insane. He ended the fed and defeated the banks. Sorry but that dude is an American patriot through and through.)

Part 8

(How do I find people in my area I can work with on this? I work in a state capitol that is probably second in scumminess only to DC itself. I have access to the systems of a few law firms and lobbying groups in this place. Not sure where to start.) Don’t know.

The Queen is as important as the Rothschilds. The Royal Family created environmentalism, runs the finances of all the royalty of Europe, and operates blackmail rings.

(The name of the “era of good feelings” is meant as irony. It was the most divisive period in american history up until the early 1900’s.) You’ve utterly collapsed. The president ran unopposed for the only time in US history.

(Racine Wisconsin is a literal hive of scum and villainy and Paul Ryan is supposedly knee deep in this.) Keep digging on Racine.

(So were the WH leaks from someone like Priebus or from the bugs that were supposedly cleaned out during the renovation?) Both. McMaster is a bigger leaker than Priebus.

(How do I find people in my area I can work with on this? I work in a state capitol that is probably second in scumminess only to DC itself. I have access to the systems of a few law firms and lobbying groups in this place. Not sure where to start.) No, you need to make your own. Anything you put on the net is going to get infiltrated and compromised.

(Was the moon landing faked?) No.

(Why do you think someone would have drawn attention to Jared Kushner all the way back in 2008? Nobody knew who he was and now he’s the Court Jew at the White House. I find this remarkable.) Kushner is a mason. That’s why he got catapulted up.

(What is the end goal of the european union and the refugee invasion?) Brexit is about letting the bankers crash Europe and keep London.

(How is the leadership of Russia? Since the DC pedos are hysterical about them and their foreign Policy is antiglobalist I’m included to think Putin and his team are genuine good goys.) Good.

(Other nationalist leader?) Putin. The Christian that’s ridding the world of ISIS and threatening to arm the Taliban to shut down the CIA’s drug pipeline.

Bed time. I may come back. Others will pretend to be me. Always judge people based on the quality of their content.


q westminster1

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