Epstein Connections to Coney Island

Recently human remains have been washing up at Coney Island‘s beaches, which is north of Epstein’s Little Saint James’ Island where alleged abuse and murders have taken place. Residents report that “weird dead animals” are often found on these beaches too.


Coney Island is where convicted pedophile Jefferey Epstein grew up, and how he turned himself into a billionaire since then is a mystery, as discussed in this article.

It may just be a coincendence but Coney Island is also synonymous with hot dogs, since hot dogs apparently originated there. (Hot dog is pedo code for underage male) In the leaked Podesta emails, Coney Island and hot dogs are mentioned.


Why would you need a defribrillator after eating a hot dog from here? This email was sent to John Podesta, who we all know will be exposed as a pedophile soon…