Watch the Water?

Q has asked anons to dig on Ghislaine Maxwell, friend and alleged ‘child recruiter’ for convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein and his elite friends.

Her ‘non-profit’ organisation The Terramar Project has just been pulled (13th July 2019) (archived site here) with the Twitter account suddenly being set to protected.

Does her Terramar Project have some shady connections they don’t want us to know about? What they do/did is a bit elusive. Set up in 2013, Ghislaine Maxwell is the Principal Officer. Apparently dedicated to helping the high seas, Terramar only seem to have one project documented – ‘lesson plans’ for infants and teens.

terramar kids.JPG

Their Facebook page is still public with articles posted days before the organisation suddenly ceased all activity. Clicking on the posts leads you to the site pages which are now password protected. Some extreme measures to shut down all public access to Terramar’s online presence.

Terramar have also got connections to IMMIDIA, an Uber-For-The-Seas app that allows you to order a yacht, private jet or car anywhere in the world within two hours (apparently). Terramar helped them launch their billion-pound business which seems a bit odd for a ‘non-profit’ making company like Terramar.

Ghislaine Maxwell at the launch of IMMIDIA

IMMIDIA don’t seem to be doing so well for a company providing ‘instant luxury experiences’. Their twitter and instagram don’t attract much attention and appear to have ceased posting after 2018. We can’t ‘meet the team‘ as access to these files have been blocked. They also have a login page that appears invite only as there is no option online to create an account and the terms detail that a secure access code is required. The IMMIDIA trademark is slightly similar to the FBI pedo symbol however the details of the trademark are more interesting.

Despite being a luxury, instant worldwide personal transport service, the details reveal that they also specialise in “Transport; packaging and storage of goods“. Their trademark however has been abandoned since November 2017 (funnily enough this is one month after Q started posting).

Hmm, links to a global network that provide elite, luxury, instant packaging and transport via yachts and jets to anywhere in the world? We hope Epstein didn’t use this service to hop over to his creepy island.

watch the water